Part Three

The Road To Passchendaele

  • Chapter Fourteen: February-April 1917 - “I do not fully realize that you are going away so soon."
  • Chapter Fifteen: May 1917 - “I am always thinking of you as the beauty and brightness of my life."
  • Chapter Sixteen: June 1917 - “It seems a cruel, cruel waste for you to be doing what you are."
  • Chapter Seventeen: July 1917 - “The only thing for me to do now is what the present duty demands."
  • Chapter Eighteen: August 1917 - “Why should we be separated and others go on as if nothing had happened."
  • Chapter Nineteen: September 1917 - “At last we have received definite orders for France."
  • Chapter Twenty: October-November 1917 - “Tell Mrs B. that I am carrying her Belgian coin for luck."
  • Postscript - 1917