Lillian Kroll

Lillian Kroll Remembers Evelyn (Kelly) Albright

Interviewed by Lorna Brooke - June 13, 1995

In the 1930s, Lillian Kroll was attending Western and took an English class taught by Evelyn (Kelly) Albright. For family reasons, Lillian had to withdraw from the University and take employment.

The following is an account in which Lillian recollects attending the graduation of her class - an occasion, which by rights, she would have been a participant.

“I really felt forlorn and I must admit tearful that my class was graduating and I wasn't. But later, during the tea and cookies and the reception I felt very sad and she (Evelyn Albright) came up to me and said, ‘Lillian, I know how you're feeling.’ ” [I’m trying to remember as much as I can - because it was a long time ago.]

Lillian continued, “I think she (Evelyn Albright) indicated ‘You know I think you've learned a lot.’” “She indicated that she felt even if I didn't get my diploma as a graduate that I would continue to study and learn all my life through.”

“At the time I thanked her. It wasn't until I was home some days later I sat down doing a little reading. It gave me a whole new perception. I made an inner vow, especially in English, that I would continue. I have in a sense. I really feel she inspired me by that remark. She seemed to spark something. Not only did I like her, I really respected her a great deal.”

Later, Lillian would get to know Evelyn Albright as a friend as they became neighbours. Lillian remembers that Mrs. Albright was very proud of her garden and would tell her, ‘this is an English garden.’ Lillian recalls that “every time I passed I would always look at the garden - it meant something to me.”

Lillian Kroll retained a lifelong love and appreciation for the Arts. She died in London, Ontario in 1999.